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Shure PG42 Side Address Condenser Microphone (No Cord)
Specifically engineered for vocal reproduction, the PG42 side-address condenser microphone featur..
Shure PGXD24/Beta58A Digital Wireless Microphone System
The Shure PGX Digital series combines the trusted legacy of Shure microphones with state-of-the-a..
Shure ULXP24D/58 Dual UHF Wireless System
The Shure ULX Professional wireless receiver offers an exceptional value in both performance and ..
Shure Beta 58A Wired Microphone
A fantastic vocal mic for professional live sound reinforcement and project studio recording, the..
Shure GLXD24/SM58 Rechargeable Handheld Wireless Microphone System
Revolutionary Shure GLX-D Digital Wireless Systems combine leading-edge LINKFREQ Automatic Freque..
Shure PG1288/PG185 Vocal/Lavalier Combo Wireless System
A comprehensive first step into professional wireless, Performance Gear Wireless Systems are engi..
Shure PG42USB Side Address Condenser Microphone
Specifically engineered for lead vocal reproduction, the PG42USB side-address condenser microphon..
Shure BLX24/PG58 Handheld Wireless PG58 Microphone System
Shure BLX Wireless Systems combine professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive ..
Shure X2u XLR-to-USB Microphone Adapter
Now you can use any XLR mic for direct computer recording. Use your favorite microphones to d..
Shure PG14/PG185 Wireless Lavalier System
This system includes the PG1 bodypack and the PG4 receiver, plus a high-quality lavalier micropho..
Shure GLXD24/Beta58 Handheld Digital Wireless Microphone System
The GLX-D Digital Vocal Wireless System combines revolutionary LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Manag..
Shure PG-48QTR Wired Microphone
Shure PG-48 Handheld Mic with 15ft cord.  A great performance microphone for spoken word..
Shure DFR-22 Audio Processor with Feedback and Hi-Low Audio Reducer for Karaoke and Live Music
SThe DFR22 from Shure is a two-input, two-output digital audio processor with feedback reduction...
Shure PG188/PG185 Dual Wireless UHF Lavaliers
Performance Gear Wireless, A comprehensive first step into professional wireless, Performance Gea..
Shure SLX24/BETA58 Wireless Handheld Microphone System
The Shure SLX System wireless microphone systems provide the performance and reliability nee..
Shure PG58-QTR Dynamic Microphone with 1/4 Inch Phone Microphone Cable
Shure Wired Microphone, 15' cord Features Rock-solid performance for backup and lead ..